April 20, 2017. (Agua Dulce, Calif.): "Race for Cash" is back in 2017!. For all competitors who are up for a friendly wager at the NORRA Mexican 1000, the "Race for Cash" requires a $2000 dollar buy-in (cash only in Ensenada) - see rules below. The pot amount will be determined by the number of racers who enter "Race for Cash". Let's make it exciting- this could end up being a large pot! New this year: 10% of the pot goes to the daily winner (after penalties), and the remaining 50% goes to the overall 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 Rally winner (after penalties). That's six opportunities to win!

10% of pot goes to daily winner; remainder 50% to overall.

Let's make it exciting - this could end up being a large pot.

Here are the rules...

  • "Race for Cash" is open to anyone in any class, the price to buy in is $2000 (cash only in Ensenada).
  • Buying into the "Race for Cash" does not impact your starting order on any day including day 1.
  • Each day's starting order after day 1 will be based upon overall times after penalties are applied. We will not move up seeded drivers this year.
  • Failing to yield is unsportsmanlike and is against the rules. If you are caught you MUST pull over. Watch your mirrors and mind your STELLA.
  • Nerfing is not allowed at NORRA. Please respect your fellow racers and the historic nature of many of our entries.

Any entry which is disqualified (for example from nerfing), becomes ineligible for any Race for Cash payout on the day of the DQ and beyond.

  • Note that Transit stages are off the clock. Your overall time is the sum of all Special Stage times plus any time penalties (such as from speeding or staging early/late).

Six opportunities to win BIG!

  • The "Race for Cash" pays out 10% of the total "Race for Cash" pool each day to the lowest time that day after that day's penalties are applied.
  • The remaining 50% of the total pool is paid to the lowest overall time of the whole 5-day event after all penalties are applied.
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    Beginning in 2010, the National Off Road Racing Association (NORRA) began promoting a rebirth of the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally. The unique off-road rally was co-created by promoter Mike Pearlman to consist of special stages (unlimited speed timed stages in the dirt) linked together by controlled speed liaison / transit sections (highway). The one-of-a-kind, once-a-year, four-day rally includes vintage off-road vehicles and motorcycles, as well as modern desert Rally Raid cars, pre-runner trucks, buggies and motorcycles.

    Pearlman's late father Ed and others established the first running of the NORRA Mexican 1000 off-road rally in November of 1967, which eventually became internationally recognized and evolved into the Baja 1000 in the mid-1970's.

    The 2017 NORRA Mexican 1000 is supported by Yokohama, Method Race Wheels, Walker Evans Racing, South Point Hotel Casino, Bilstein Shock Absorbers, Multitool USA, Mastercraft/Impact Safety, P.C.I. Race Radios, Baja United Group and many more.